Invite Laurence Pringle to meet your students and...

  • Nurture their writing and research skills
  • Give them "behind-the-scenes" details of the creation of great nonfiction books
  • Show students that they and an acclaimed author face the same challenges and rewards in the process of writing
  • Excite their interest in nature, science, biography, and other nonfiction literature
  • Support today's education goals by helping students better understand informational texts
  • Entertain a wide range of grades with varied programs (up to six a day)

Laurence Pringle - Children's Nonfiction Books

  • one of the nation's most popular and honored authors of nonfiction for children
  • his books about frogs, scorpions, sharks, other animals, and history are eagerly sought in school and public libraries
  • his books are often praised for their "dynamic prose," "well-woven narrative," and for being "enthusiastic and wonderfully informative"
  • his books are often called "a must-have addition to science collections"
  • and, the kid-appeal and clear style of Laurence Pringle's books makes them ideal for teaching students how to write nonfiction